ALOGIC 10 Port USB Charger with Smart Charge - 10 x 2.4A Outputs (100W) - Prime Series - MOQ:1




The VROA Plus 10 Port USB charger allows to charge 10 USB devices at the same time. The VROVA Plus charger is crafted from Aluminium resulting in a light, durable and robust design.

Each of the 10 USB ports of the charger can output a maximum current of up to 2.4A with a total of 100W output.


Product Details

GroupName Name Value
Specifications Colour Black
Specifications Compatible USB
Specifications Compatible Size N/A
Specifications Connector Type USB 3.0
Specifications Features Charge 10 USB devices at once with maximum current of up to 2.4A per port * Outputs 100W of power from its 10 ports * Smart Charger technology limits the current to a maximum of 2.4A per port to keep the device safe and charge at the fastest possible rate. * Smart charge controller provides protection against over heating, over voltage, short circuit and over current. * Features a precision light weight enclosure crafted from aluminium""
Specifications Product Type USB charger
Specifications Warranty 1 Year

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